Green Policy

Villa San Liberale, in compliance with the obligations and restrictions associated with monumental, architectural and environmental constraints, is attentive to eco-sustainability; the restoration interventions were carried out with the use of locally sourced materials and aimed at limiting consumption and improving the overall energy efficiency of the buildings, with the improvement of thermal insulation and the elimination of major dispersion factors, insertion of double glazing in the original windows and whose replacement was not possible, and with the installation of a condensing boiler with low energy consumption modulating boiler circulator, with particularly high efficiency, able to optimize fuel consumption, reducing in this way energy costs and, last but not least, CO2 emissions; mainly led or low energy consumption lamps and appliances in class A or higher are used; in the daily management, simple practices are adopted to reduce the environmental impact, such as the use of recyclable products and reusable crockery and cutlery and the use mainly of e-mail and inviting guests to a conscious management of heating and lighting.
Villa San Liberale has obtained the classification Tripadvisor Silver Level Green Leader and Campanula Argento – Quality Charter of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, which involves the use of energy-saving lamps, time switches and photoelectric cells for permanent lighting, the installation of aeromixers and showers with stop devices, the use of cloth towels washed with 100% biodegradable detergents , of 100% biodegradable detergents and toilet paper produced with recycled paper, the separation of organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass, plastic, cans and waste oil, and the introduction in the breakfast offer of certified Quality Paper or organic production; Villa San Liberale and also adheres to the candidacy of the Belluno Dolomites National Park aimed at obtaining the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism , of which it shares the Principles www.european-charter.org/become-a-charter-area/charter-principles.

10 Principles for Actions of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

  1. Involve all those involved in the tourism sector of the protected area, for its development and management.
  2. Prepare and implement a strategy for sustainable tourism and an action plan for the protected area.
  3. Protect and improve the natural and cultural heritage of the area, but at the same time protect the area from reckless tourism development.
  4. To guarantee visitors a high level of quality at all stages of their visit.
  5. Effectively communicate the specific and unique characteristics of the area.
  6. Encourage tourism linked to specific products that help to recognize and discover the local territory.
  7. Improve knowledge of the protected area and the aspects of sustainability among all those related to tourism.
  8. Ensure that tourism support does not cost the quality of life of local resident communities.
  9. Increase the benefits of tourism in favor of the local economy
  10. Monitor and influence the flow of visitors and reduce negative impacts.

We encourage our guests to suggest the introduction of new and more aware actions to reduce the impact of tourism-related activities, and we thank them for helping us to preserve the environment.