The canon Lucio Villabruna and his brothers came into possession in 1644 of a property in Sasset, which was sold on 02 June 1650 to the Feltre notary Antonio Gavazzi; he had obtained on 10 September 1649 the license to build an oratory dedicated to Saints Liberale and Barbara, equipped with a door on the public road for the convenience of the faithful.
These properties were then purchased in 1688 by the Feltre notary Antonio Vellaio, who erected the current villa on the site of a pre-existing building; his daughter Francesca married the noble Giovanni Battista Zugni and had the oratory restored in 1746.
In 1787 the villa of Cart, together with other possessions, was committed to the establishment of the assets necessary for the ordination of Don Pietro Bottari, who later became an authoritative canon, who will die in Villa San Liberale and will be buried in the cemetery of Santa Libera.
In 1814 the entire complex was sold by Benedetto Zugni to Girolamo Bianco, and in 1850 it was inherited by Antonio, who distinguished himself in the breeding and died in 1856. Married to Maria Tiretta, the latter married Giambattista in a second marriage. Bellati in 1857. The villa then passed to Antonio who married Teresita, daughter of the poet and patriot Arnaldo Fusinato (1817-1888) and of Erminia Fuà, a poetess herself; born in Rovigo in 1831, Erminia Fuà married Arnaldo Fusinato in 1856; for him it was her second marriage, having first married Anna Colonna, of whom he had remained a widower. From Fusinato, Erminia Fuà had three children: Gino, Guido who became a university professor of international law, a member of the Feltre college and a man of government, and Teresita who married Antonio Bianco. Together with her husband, she cultivated the friendship of the poet and writer Ippolito Nievo and, after his tragic death, La Fuà managed to publish the famous work of the young Friulian Confessions of an Italian. During a stay of the man of letters, Giosuè Carducci was hosted in the villa, on a visit to Feltre to Giambattista Bellati. In 1884 Erminia was born who, married to the Marquis Gaetano Palici Di Suni della Planargia, became the new owner of the villa who, in honor of her and her maternal grandmother, took the name of “Erminia”.
In the second half of the twentieth century the villa was sold by the heirs of the Di Suni family to Gastone Spezzati.
After the latter’s death a few years ago, the villa was sold to the current owners.